Viettel provides 4G roaming service

Bizhub | Tue, Jun 14, 2016 09:23:46 AM Share this on

The military-run telecommunication group Viettel has provided the latest roaming LTE (4G) technology service to its subscribers this month.

Viettel said its customers can use the new technology, with speed 10 times faster than the earlier speed, while paying the prevailing tariff for the service.

In the pilot period, the group will contact subscribers who frequently travel abroad to South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, the United States and Russia and use data roaming services.

Viettel will enable customers to change their SIM cards at a cost of only VND25,000 per card at its shops nationwide.

Viettel's 4G roaming service is expected to cover most countries. Subscribers can also use the Viettel app to check their detailed roaming tariff for the last three months to control spending on the service. — VNS

Source: Bizhub